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Sep 12, 2014

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Sep 12, 2014

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Terms of Use

Terms of Service

All submissions are subjuct to our terms which may update from time to time and it is the users responsibility to check these periodically.


We will not accept non Armenian websites
We will not accept sites that promote or include illegal content.
We will not accept "under construction" sites
We will not accept "mirror" or "duplicate" content sites, or any domains that redirect to a different URL.
We will not accept "affiliate link" sites. Only sites with good quailty content will be considered for inclusion


The AYO.AM reserves the right to cancellation of all services at any time, without prior notification and shall not be at any time liable for termination of services.


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Now the current and the new subscribers of “Home-Zone Turbo” and “Office-Zone” packages get monthly high-speed Internet packages of 75 GB and 25 GB respectively. Moreover,...

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